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Walking Home Ground: In the Footsteps of Muir, Leopold, and Derleth

To learn how to connect to his home ground--live in it rather than simply on it--Bob Root walks the Wisconsin home grounds of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and August Derleth and takes their lessons to his own walks on the Ice Age Trail and along the Fox River.


In his memoir Happenstance (University of Iowa Press), Robert Root meditates on identity through recollections of single days, interrogations of family photographs, examinations of family literary remains, and reflections on the impact chance and choice have on the formation of a life. "With its multiple modes (vignette, meditation, photograph, ekphrasis), it subverts and redefines memoir, always asking how a person might seek to know himself within the larger context of nation and history. Robert Root's prose is a refreshing joy to read.”—Patrick Madden

Limited Sight Distance: Essays for Airwaves

The best of the "Thinking Out Loud" series of essays written 1980-1987 for broadcast on Central Michigan University's "Morning Edition" program.

Postscripts: Retrospections on Time and Place

A collection of essays that travels from Nova Scotia and the coast of Maine to New York and the coast of Florida, from the Great Lakes to the Four Corners, from Walden Pond to Malabar Farm. Often in the company of writers like E. B. White, Henry David Thoreau, and Louis Bromfield, Robert Root explores the intersecting histories of individual places, not only those of the writers he admires but those that have mattered most profoundly to him.

Following Isabella: Travels in Colorado Then and Now

For a writer new to Colorado the possibility of learning the landscape by following in the footsteps of Isabella Bird, who traveled the territory in 1873, sets him off on his own wanderings, using Bird and other writers as touchstones and guides.

The Nonfictionist's Guide: On Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction

A "poetics" of nonfiction offering a lively exploration of its contemporary elements and suggesting imaginative approaches to writing it. Each chapter discusses a different aspect of creative nonfiction by examining outstanding examples from the field and concludes with a section of "Notes for Nonfictionists" recommending ways writers can put these ideas into practice in their own nonfiction.

Landscapes With Figures: The Nonfiction of Place

The essays, memoirs, and travel narratives in this anthology, set in widely divergent locales by a range of outstanding writers, are bound together by the central element of the nonfiction of place—an individual writer’s sensibility as it responds to the impact of setting, the awareness that place alters perceptions and influences insight.

Recovering Ruth: A Biographer’s Tale

The task of editing and annotating a nineteen-century diary seemed straightforward at first, but as he assembled scattered fragments of lost history and immersed himself in background research, Root became enmeshed in unexpected ways. Part memoir, part meditation about biography, this is the absorbing story of recovering a hidden past.

The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/on Creative Nonfiction, 6th Edition

The Fourth Genre is the first teaching anthology to draw on the common ground both of the practicing writer and the practical scholar. It offers the most thorough, comprehensive, and teachable introduction to the cutting-edge and still evolving genre widely known as “creative nonfiction”.

E. B. White: The Emergence of an Essayist

A study of E. B. White's nonfiction career, tracing its course from his early days as a humorist and paragrapher through his development as a columnist and his ultimate role as an editorial commentator and essayist and concentrating on manuscript evidence of and contexts for composing classic, memorable nonfiction.


Critical Essays on E. B. White (editor)
Diaries of an Isle Royale Fisherman by Elling Seglem (editor w/ Jill Burkland)
How to Develop Your Personality by Betsy Root (editor)
The Island Within Us: Isle Royale Artists-in-Residence 1991-1998 (editor w/ Jill Burkland)
The Rhetorics of Popular Culture: Advertising, Advocacy, Entertainment
Thomas Southerne
Those Who Do, Can: Teachers Writing, Writers Teaching (editor w/ Michael Steinberg)
“’Time By Moments Steals Away’”: The 1848 Journal of Ruth Douglass (editor)
Wordsmithery: A Guide to Working at Writing
Working at Writing: Columnists and Critics Composing

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